What Happens when you violate your probation in Florida?

What Happens when you violate your probation in Florida

If a Florida judge has sentenced you to a term of probation you must be extremely careful to not violate any of the conditions. If you do, you can be easily and quickly sentenced to jail or prison. If you are charged with violating your probation the judge and not a jury will determine if there is enough evidence to prove that you violated one of the conditions of your probation. If your probation officer believes that you have violated your probation he or she will file an affidavit with the clerk of court explaining how you violated. Your probation officer will also write up a  violation of probation report explaining to the judge the specifics of your violation and what thing you have or have not done while on probation. This report will also include a recommendation from the probation officer on how you should be punished if you are found to be in violation of your probation. Clients often come to my office who have violated probation for many reasons but some of the most common are: testing positive for drugs, failing to pay the court cost and fines, and picking up new criminal charges while on probation. In many cases, clients will be held in jail without bond, if they are found to have violated probation.

Florida Violations of Probation (VOP)

Florida Violations of Probation (VOP)

How can a criminal defense attorney help?

If you have violated your probation a criminal defense lawyer can help explain the reason for your violation to judge and the prosecutor. A lawyer can also review the facts and present any defenses that may be available. If you have questions about your Violation of Probation please feel free to call my office at 407-415-9626 or email me at Jeremiah@JeremiahDAllen.com. My office is in Orlando, Florida.