Double- and Triple-Check Your Court Date

Whether you have hired a private defense attorney or are using the free attorney provided by the public defender, it is very important to check your court dates both online and with your attorney. Oftentimes your criminal defense attorney can waive your appearance in court. However, you will need to meet with your lawyer before you are scheduled to appear in court and sign the document allowing for this to happen. If you miss your court date, even if by accident, the judge can revoke your bond and issue a capias for your arrest. If you are arrested, it is likely that the judge will order you held without bail. Additionally, if the prosecutor can prove that you missed court intentionally, you can be charged with an additional third degree felony called “Failure to Appear.”

Tip: Go to the clerk of the court’s website in the county that you were arrested in. When you type in your name, you will be able to double-check your court date. This is a good thing to do in order to make sure that you have the date and time right and that nothing has changed.