Injuries to the back from an automobile accident

Injuries to the back from an automobile accident

Back injuries are extremely common consequences of automobile accidents. Injuries to the back from an automobile accident often include, such as a bulging disc, can cause pain not only in the back but also throughout the body depending on the location of the bulge. Automobile accidents can also result in more serious back injuries such as disc herniation’s (For more information, visit Mayo Clinic:


Here are a few things to remember if you suffer a back injury from an automobile accident:

  1. Make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in back and neck pain as soon as possible. Additionally, once you are being treated by a doctor, it is very important that you continue treatment as recommended. In many cases, if the car insurance company sees that you are failing to go to the doctor and you have what is referred to as “gaps” in your treatment, they could inquire into your case and even choose to stop coverage.


  1. It is likely that you can still see and be treated by a doctor even if you don’t have health insurance. Florida requires that all drivers maintain PIP insurance, which allows an injured person to receive medical treatment regardless of who was at fault in an automobile accident. In other cases, it may be possible for you and your attorney to sign what is called a “letter of protection,” which states that your doctor will be paid out of the settlement that is recovered from the insurance company.


  1. If you are treated by a doctor who focuses his or her medical practice on treating back pain, he or she may help to reduce the pain that you are experiencing, but be prepared for the possibility that the pain and discomfort could be permanent in nature. It is likely that your doctor will need to do an MRI to accurately determine the extent of the injuries and potential for recovery.

As you can see, injuries to the back that stem from an automobile accident can have serious and lasting effects to your health. You should consult an experienced lawyer (check out and file a compensation claim to cover your expences. If you have questions about your automobile accident case, please feel free to call my office in Orlando, Florida at (407) 415-9626. The Law Office of Jeremiah D. Allen, P.A.