How to find out if you have a valid Florida Drivers License

I often help clients who have had their drivers license suspended by the State of Florida. You can check this website run by the State of Florida to see if your license is valid:

This website is also helpful because it will tell you the reason for your suspended Florida license. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to help you clear up the issues that are causing your license to be suspended. Many clients I speak with have had their license suspended because they paid  a number of speeding tickets or toll violations and did not fight them in court. As a result, they had points placed on their drivers license which then lead the DHSMV to suspended their privilege to drive.  Please keep the following in mind:

12 points earned within 12 months results in a 30-day suspension.
18 points earned within 18 months results in a 3-month suspension.
24 points earned within 36 months results in a 12-month suspension

Please call my office at (407)-415-9626 if you have questions about why your Florida Drivers License is suspended or if you need legal help.