Tampa DUI Lawyer: Protect Yourself From Florida DUI Scandals

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Tampa Police Badge, photo courtesy of scoutnurse

Most people have seen the headlines on the news in the last few months about the Tampa DUI scandal. For those who haven’t- it’s shaping up to look like some lawyers involved in the high-profile Bubba the Love Sponge vs. Todd “MJ” Schnitt defamation case, set up their opposition for a DUI arrest.

State Prosecutors dropped charges for this DUI two weeks ago, according to an article in the Tampa Bay Times.

Now the Tampa police sergeant involved in the controversy, Sgt. Ray Fernandez, and another officer, Timothy McGinnis, are at the center of the FBI investigation. With two Tampa police officers in question,   there might be an impact to current DUI cases involving the two.

The article noted that the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office said last week that it is informing Tampa DUI lawyers and local defense attorneys about Fernandez and McGinnis’s involvement in the dropped DUI case.

“”We’re doing this in an abundance of caution to make sure everyone’s aware of what’s transpired with these two officers,” said Mark Cox, spokesman for the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office. Both can still be called as witnesses, and prosecutors do not think the information will be “relevant or admissible under most circumstances.””

It’s clear with this recent development that DUI cases are not always fair. In fact- some Tampa DUI lawyers may be able to discredit the officers’ other DUI charges. According to the article:

“Tampa police Chief Jane Castor has assembled a team to review each of McGinnis’ and Fernandez’s cases, and the department will work with prosecutors as those cases go through the court system.”

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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

In many cases, it is in your best interest to consider your options before paying your speeding ticket or traffic citation. However most people don’t realize that this is an option.

Only 5% of drivers decide to fight tickets because they don’t think they have the power to contest the system or they don’t understand that it isn’t just about a $200 fine, according to John Bowman, the National Motorists Association’s communications director, interviewed in Investopedia‘s “How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket“.

What many people don’t think about is what stays with you when you pay off a speeding ticket. According to the article, your insurance costs may be up to 30% higher for the next three years, and you’ll be tracked with points on your driver’s license in Florida.

“When you immediately pay a ticket, you’re automatically admitting guilt and will voluntarily pay the highest fine,” the article continues.

One of your options when you get a speeding ticket or traffic citation is to contact a lawyer to determine what steps you should take to avoid further punishment in the form of higher insurance premiums and harsher penalties on future tickets.

Hiring a lawyer to help you with something like this does not mean that you’ll go to court or trial. In fact many times, the case is closed in a relatively simple manner through a lawyer’s check to make sure all of the facts line up on the charge.

If you would like help with your speeding ticket or traffic citation in Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’d be happy to help. You can call me at my office in Orlando, Florida at (407)415-9626 or simply write me an email with your question to Jeremiah@Jeremiahdallen.com


The Truth About Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa

I’ve had people ask me on numerous occasions why I’m a criminal defense lawyer.

criminal defense lawyer in Tampa

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa, Jeremiah D Allen

“Yea, but were they really guilty?” or “How do you stand up for a person you know is in the wrong?” are common questions you might hear from someone you don’t even know that well.

The interesting thing about being a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa is I can often relate to the people I work with- even if I see the wrong that they’ve done.

One case that comes to mind is a young man who was convicted of a small theft case. Because of his conviction, he was going to be deported back to the Dominican Republic. The man regretted his actions and didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. I was able to get the conviction overturned based on a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Many times criminal defense isn’t a question of guilt or innocence. Typically the criminal defense lawyer is simply trying to get the court to give the defendant another chance – through probation or drug treatment. Florida law allows for the Judge to depart from a mandatory prison sentence in some limited circumstances.

I can relate to Abbe Smith’s Washington Post article “What Motivates a Lawyer to Defend a Tsarnaev, A Castro, or a Zimmerman”. This article brilliantly sums up the many reasons I find my job as a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa to be a rewarding and challenging career.

I think it is essential to take time to learn more about human kind and understand that we all have our imperfections. Just as Smith says, “I prefer people who are flawed and complicated to those who are irreproachable.” She continues, “Defense lawyers try to find the humanity in the people we represent, no matter what they may have done.”

To read more of Smith’s article, click here.