Ten Things to Know About Traffic School

As a traffic ticket defense lawyer I am often asked about traffic school and if it is a good idea. Here are 10 things to remember if you elect to go to traffic school.

  1. If you elect to take traffic school you will be required to pay the full ticket amount and also pay for the traffic school.
  2. You can only elect traffic school one time per every 12 months and 5 times during your life.
  3. The traffic schools are private companies and not associated with the State of Florida.
  4. If you take traffic school no points will be assessed to your driver’s license. However, please remember the amount of times you can elect traffic school is limited. See #2.
  5. You must remember to provide proof you have completed traffic school to the clerk of the court where you received the citation. However, the approved traffic schools now provide the State of Florida proof online that you have completed the traffic school. This is according to the Florida DHSMV website.
  6. You only have 30 days to decide if you want to go traffic school, pay the ticket or hire a lawyer.
  7. You do not need an attorney if you elect to go to traffic school, but you may want to speak with one prior to choosing to take the traffic school class.
  8. You can check to make sure the State of Florida has record of you completion of traffic school at this link: https://services.flhsmv.gov/TrafficSchoolCompletionCheck/StudentSearchPage.aspx
  9. You can take your traffic school class online or in person.
  10. There are several different kinds of traffic schools. The most common is called the Basic Driver improvement school.

Please remember these are a few things to consider. If you would like more information please contact my office at (407) 415-9626 or drop me an email at Jeremiah@JeremiahDAllen.com. My office is in Orlando, Florida and I handle traffic cases throughout Central Florida.