What is Pretrial Intervention?

Pretrial Intervention is a program that allows first time Misdemeanor or Felony offenders to have their criminal charge dismissed after a period of time and prevents them from having a conviction on their record. The Pretrial Intervention program is explained in Florida Statute 948.08. In order to be accepted into the program three people must agree to allow you into the program:

  1. The State Attorney or Prosecutor in your case.
  2. The victim, if there is one involved in the case. Some cases may not involve a victim, like some drug cases, in which case the agreement from a victim is not necessary.
  3. The Judge. However, the judge often defers to the prosecution.

When you enter and are accepted into the program you are normally required to pay a fine, do community service and undergo any treatment or counseling the prosecutor finds necessary. If the crime involves a victim you may be required to write a letter of apology. Each county has a slightly different process for how it conducts the Pretrial Intervention program; however, your lawyer can explain the process to you in detail. In order to be considered for Pretrial Intervention you will need to fill out an application and waive your right to a speedy trial.

The best part about the Pretrial Intervention program is that the charge against you is dropped or dismissed after you successfully complete all the requirements. Pretrial Intervention is a great option for many first time offenders. You can read more about the law that permits Pretrial Intervention here http://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2011/948.08

Need More Information about Pretrial Intervention?

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